OUTBACK AFRICA (The Authentic African Adventure Safari Company)

A safari of sunrises, of unsheltered waters, virgin beaches and lone palm trees. Of majestic rivers and waterfalls. We find that on these deserted white beaches we are able to make friends with someone we have known all our lives, ourselves. It is a safari for the romantic - moonlit beaches, ceilings of stars and carpets of sand. We meet Africa face to face, and in doing so, come away with emotions often buried by modern civilizations. We hope that those of you who join us on this tropical paradise safari will be enriched by the experiences we go through. Pure 4x4 adventure. Unexplored, desolate and uncivilized. Two Transfronteir areas, Of majestic contrast, Of mountains and deserts. Of rock and sand. Of exhilaration and challenge. We endeavor to make this safari the ultimate off road adventure, where land rovers are blooded, Where they come of age, an extinct habitat where water is gold, shade a luxury, the moon always shines full, and the sun relentless.An african safari into the wilderness of namibia: sossousvlei, kaokoveld, kunene river And the epupa falls. The wilderness of botswana: okavango delta and chobe national park. The victoria falls in zambia. Wildlife & culture of a bygone era, found as it was before we arrived. We cherish the last frontier as we find it, for the sands of time are running out.